About Us

MyCRO is a contract research organization founded in 2016 in Ankara that provides the right solutions for the needs of the customers.

MyCRO provides an adaptive study approach for successful metrics by bringing together 8 years of experience in the logistical support branch of clinical trials and 10 years of Phase II-IV and the experience in clinical research management in observational and medical device trials.

MyCro ISO 27001MyCro ISO 9001:2015MyCRO ISO 2800:2007 MyCRO has ISO 28000:2007 Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain, ISO 27001 Information Security Management System and ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, ISO IEC 25021:2012 Systems and Software Engineering- Systems and Software Quality Requirements and Evaluation-Quality, ISO IEC 12207:2008 Information Technology- Software Lifecycle Processes certificates.


Our mission is to serve international standards by combining fast, practical, effective and professional solutions we produce on clinical researches with GCP principles, in accordance with legislation and international guidelines and our understanding of experience and quality.


Being a company that fully satisfies all the expectations locally and globally within the scope of Clinical Research by keeping the quality of services we provide to supporters with innovative, dynamic, functional and multitasking organization.